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Jamie Jones

Jamie grew up in central AR but now lives with his family south of St. Louis, in Washington County, MO.  Jamie has been hunting antelope, mule deer, and elk in Colorado and Wyoming since 2004. and You’ll find Jamie to be honest, hard working, and serious about getting you in position to be successful on your hunt.  He loves helping others be successful in life and in their pursuit of western hunting adventures.

Our Team

Clint Butts

Clint grew up in southern Colorado, but is now raising his family in NE Oklahoma while running his construction company.  Clint is a hard working guide with 16 years experience. He has guided hunters for goat, sheep, deer, and elk.  You will find Clint to be patient, smart, and strategic in his approach to helping you be successful on your hunt.

Caleb Conners

Caleb grew up in a large family in eastern Colorado.  He spent any spare time he had from work and school in the field. His desire to hunt and fish was fueled by his dad and grandpa’s skills they taught him. The experiences and wisdom written by some of the pillars of modern hunting like: Jack O’Connor, Fred Bear, Carmichael, Shocky, and Zumbo also fuel his desire and love of the pursuit. Caleb is a hard working and energetic individual with 10 years of guiding expereince, and he truly loves sharing and teaching others to enjoy the western outdoor lifestyle.

Pete Strain

Pete grew up in Texas and Oklahoma, but moved to Colorado in 1986.  He and his high-school sweetheart are now raising a family on their ranch in central Colorado.   He has been around horses since 1983, but says that he’s “learned more about horses from the mustang he owns”.  He also occasionally works as a wrangler with endurance races that travel 100 miles across the Rockies.  Pete retired from the USAF as a Master Sgt.  Pete has been hunting since 2001, and prefers archery. He is a hardworking member of our team who can really help out if things get tough on the trail.  Pete believes that “every man dies, but not every man really lives”.

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