1. You can expect us to work hard at making your hunt enjoyable and successful. Quality!
  2. You can expect the staff to be honest, courteous, and enjoyable to be around at the dinner table. Authenticity!
  3. You can expect the hunt to be physically demanding, but very rewarding because of your own personal preparations.
  4. You can expect to see some amazing scenery and very few humans!
  5. You can expect to see personal growth as an individual by the time you return.
  6. You can expect to return with stories that will make your friends envious.
  7. You can expect memories to flood your imagination whenever you allow yourself time to daydream.

Most of our hunting will take place above 11,000 ft and up to 13,000 ft where the air is thin. Preparing for this type of outing is essential to an enjoyable hunting experience. We always equip our clients with a preparation packet prior to their arrival. The packet provides helpful information about physical conditioning, diet, and a suggested pre-hunt exercise routine.

Our area provides awesome elk bugling action during the archery seasons and into the rifle seasons most years. This makes for great calling opportunities, but there are also excellent spot and stalk opportunities throughout our area.

Unit 66 is a limited quota draw area. This translates into fewer hunters, more elk, and better elk quality. As a result, our clients have an above average chance at an above average Colorado bull.

For those with enough points, unit 66 is one of the best Mule Deer areas of the state. Drawing the tag takes patience, but it could produce a trophy deer.

Our clients stay in heated canvas wall tents equipped with cots, tables, and stools. Breakfast and dinner are always warm meals at camp. Lunch is usually taken in the field. Hunters will arrive the morning before the hunt, and will ride by horseback to base camp. Our camps are located several miles from the nearest road and are only accessible by foot or horseback. We use calm, gentle, and sure-footed horses, so even the least experienced horseman will enjoy travel through the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains searching for that one special trophy.